Empty a 1pt Infusion Blend Packet into any lidded vessel.
Add 375ml of spirit (or alternative) into the vessel, close it, and steep* for the time listed on the Blend Packet
When time's up, strain the liquid, discard the infusion blend material, and reserve the infused liquid for your cocktails.
* No need to refrigerate, shake, or heat – just let it sit

MOCHA MARTINI ~ as the legend goes, a cocktail invented to ‘wake you up, and @#$%& you up’ in equal measure. While we always counsel moderation, there is no denying the galvanizing effect of this eye-opening combination of vodka, coffee, and - in this case - subtle, velvety chocolate. Take that, Early-Night-In!

ROSSA MIMOSA ~ the ideal brunch companion. A luxurious infusion mingling of tart hibiscus and rich Mediterranean citrus are the perfect complement to fresh orange juice and sparkling white wine. When your guests ask your secret, take the credit. We won’t tell.

SPA DAY FIZZ ~ there are two kinds of Spa Days - the full-cleanse-healthy version, and the I-need-a-break-personal-indulgence version which is what we’re talking about here. Cap off your Me-Time with this delicious flavor infusion of crisp mint, fresh lime, and earthy cucumber. And vodka. Don’t forget the vodka.

CITROPOLITAN ~ sleek and stylish. Lemon verbena- and ginger-infused vodka pairs perfectly with the classic Cosmo tanginess of fresh lemon and cranberry juices. Easy to make, even easier to enjoy.

BLOODY SIMPLE ~ without any doubt, the easiest Bloody Mary you’ll ever make. We've pulled together 7 different infusion ingredients to deliver a peppery/savory burst of flavor that intentionally leaves any optional heat up to you. We officially declare this cocktail brunch-approved!

 PERFECT POM ~ rich yet refreshing. A perfectly balanced cocktail with the just the right amount of luxurious, infused vanilla-based spice on the one hand, and just enough pomegranate and lime tartness on the other. With all the rich food and drink on offer during the festive season, it's nice to have a dependable go-to.


Perfect PomCitropolitanMocha MartiniRossa MimosaBloody SimpleSpa Day Fizz

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