July 17, 2022 1 min read

This week's recipe is so incredibly easy and delish that it's almost embarrassing! If you love Sangria (who doesn't), you're going to love this.
Sangria can be made red, white or rose - any works but red is the traditional Sangria. Adding in any kind of fruit gives such a nice touch, but the traditional fruit to add in are oranges and slices of apples - be sure to choose an apple that you'd like to eat. As for the wine, just pick a nice wine that you'd like to drink.

Let's get to the recipe

1 bottle of your favorite red wine
1 package of Gourmet Village Sangria mix (available online and instore)
fruit of your choice, but I used oranges and apples.

Mix together and let sit for a few hours at least in the fridge.

When ready to serve, pour over ice and add some soda water ((or if you prefer sweeter you can you can use 7up as well)

For a really great cold drink, keep your glasses in the freezer - kind of fun and reminds me of A&W's frosty rootbear mugs and your guests will be impressed;)

So again, super easy, really tasty and perfect for hot summer days!


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