Reactive speckle glaze stoneware is the new way to set your table.  Versatile and eclectic, these pieces are perfect for anything from small bites to dinner party gatherings. Crafted by skilled artisans, the timeless beauty of the speckled glaze is created from the reaction of the clay and glazes to the fire in the kiln. Each piece is subtly different and no two are exactly alike.

Soup Mug 2.95 inch h x 5.31 inch l x 5.31 inch w.

Cereal Bowl 2.75 inch h x 5.75 inch l x 5.75 inch w.

Mug 4 inch h x 3.9 inch l x 3.9 inch w.

Blate 1.75 inch h x 10 inch l x 10 inch w. (a cross between a plate and a bowl)

* dishwasher safe, may get hot in microwave


Soup MugCereal BowlMugBlate

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