August 15, 2021 1 min read

This is a recipe that is so incredibly easy. Only 3 ingredients, no oven and is soo good - it will be on repeat whenever you need something quick. This recipe has been in our family for years - and has been a favorite for years. I could go on about how good this recipe is, but really, just try it and then you'll know what we're talking about;)

Mars Bar Rice Krispie Square

Add to a large bowl and set aside
4 c. rice krispies

Melt together in a medium sized pot on medium heat
4 mars bar (6" size), broken into pieces
1/2 c. margarine
Stir until melted and smooth

Pour over rice krispies, stirring until the rice krispies are all coated with the mars bar mixture.

Press into an 8x8 pan and let set.

p.s. I always double this recipe - it never lasts long in our house!


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