Introducing Hive On Fire and Hive Inferno – two honey varieties infused with a perfect blend of fresh chilies for an exquisite balance of sweetness and spice. Whether sweetening coffee or adding a kick to drinks, these hot honey's are the perfect compromise. Try it on a variety of dishes – from hot baked desserts to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including eggs, yogurt, fried chicken, ice cream, pizza, cheese, ribs, and more!

Hive On Fire:
Experience the delightful fusion of pure honey and lively chilies, perfect for enhancing your morning toast, tea, or grilling adventures.

Hive Inferno:
For the bold, "Hive Inferno" cranks up the heat with an intense blend of honey and high-heat chilies, creating a daring and flavorful experience.

305g / 10.75oz

Hive InfernoHive on Fire

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