Canaan Farms is housed inside an old water plant that for thirty years bottled this water to share with the rest of Texas, and that this magical water is an essential part of every jam, salsa and sauce that they make. Utopia is blessed with the purest water in Texas. The water supply comes directly from fresh, spring fed and limestone-filtered water that feeds into the beautiful Sabinal river.

Peach Salsa - fresh peach and chunky tomato salsa turns baked chicken or fish into a feast.

Verde Chili -  serve this tomatillo green chile and serrano salsa with eggs, tortilla chips or any taco you please.

Fire Roasted Cantina - relish this spicy blend of roasted tomato, onion, jalapeño, garlic and lime with corn chips, or in chili con queso.

Black Bean and Corn - Serve warm with corn chips for an extra special snack, or add it to your favorite cornbread mix for a gourmet side. 

Demon - This new classic tomato salsa stars fiery ghost chiles. Almost off the Scoville heat unit chart, just a touch makes your dish light up.

Habanero - Melt this tangy jelly with a little soy sauce and use as a dip for grilled pork or chicken.

Texas Tango Mango - A taste of the tropics, Texas-style, this spiced mango-tomato-bell pepper blend makes taste buds dance. 


PeachVerde ChiliFire-Roasted CantinaBlack Bean and CornDemonHabaneroTexas Tango Mango

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