Empty a 1pt Infusion Blend Packet into any lidded vessel
Add 375ml of spirit (or alternative) into the vessel, close it, and steep* for the time listed on the Blend Packet
When time's up, strain the liquid, discard the infusion blend material, and reserve the infused liquid for your cocktails (like this)
* No need to refrigerate, shake, or heat – just let it sit


Signature cocktails for your at-home signature occasions!

Maybe it’s a special toast to a cozy night-in or a nitecap after a romantic evening out. Whatever raises your glass, this selection of lovely libations will ensure the flavors match the vibe. The 1pt Date Night Occasion Pack contains 3 infusion blend flavor packets and simple recipes for delicious infused love-bird cocktails, including:

Desert Rose - Infused notes of rose, hibiscus, cardamom, and chocolate convey an exotic Silk Road vibe, layered with rich Aperol citrus and fresh lemon.

Love Shack - Lush and lovely, this marriage of chocolate and rum with pineapple and lime combines rich sweetness with refreshing citrus tanginess. One to love!

Pure Passion - An exciting combination of balanced chili infusion heat, tart lime, and luxurious passionfruit will set hearts aflutter. Share it with someone you love.

In the box:
1x 1pt Marrakech Blend Packet (infuses 375ml of vodka for 6+ drinks)
1x 1pt Chocolate Blend Packet (infuses 375ml of rum for 6+ drinks)
1x 1pt Chili Blend Packet (infuses 375ml of vodka for 6+ drinks)
Date Night Cocktail Recipe Booklet


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