January 31, 2021 1 min read

OK, this is crazy! I found this recipe and I just couldn't believe it would work. You know, when you find a recipe that is so incredibly simple but looks so good and you want it work so badly, but usually they don't. This isn't one of those. It really, really works - 3 ingredients, hardly any work and presto - it's done. And, it tastes pretty darn good! I've used fudgeos in my recipe, but oreos would work too - really I think any cream filled oreo/fudgeo type would work, just don't use the double stuffed ones.

Chocolate Mousse (makes 4 servings)

The night before
In the bowl of your stand mixer, add
14 chopped fudgeos (*don't use double stuff)
Pour over top
2 c. whipping cream.
Cover and pop into the fridge overnight.

Next morning
Crush 5 fudgeos and divide the crumbs into 4, saving a bit for the top of your dessert. Place into the bottom of 4 small bowls.

Add 2 tbsp. icing sugar to the cream mixture and beat until the mixture is stiff and holds its shape (doesn't take long for this to happen)

Divide into your 4 bowls.
Sprinkle with leftover fudgeo crumbs.

Pop into your fridge until ready to eat.


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